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Renovations and Refurbishment

remodel touchwood 02remodel touchwood 01remodel touchwood 03Whether you are planning to convert, overhaul or refit an entire property or just one room/area of it.

Touchwood  Builders offer a full service for renovations and interior works so that you can get your home or premises just the way you want it.

We understand that you want the most from what is available to you in terms of your finances, space and design. We aim to deliver on all of three of these points and provide you with a well designed, functional and high quality finished product that offers an all-round best value option for you.

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All building's and the land upon which they are built have there own individual characteristics,  there are always slight differences even between the most similar looking buildings. We take this approach on all the project's that we undertake,  nothing is ever assumed the same as before, we carefully calculate our quotations and ensure that our fixed prices stay fixed, in accordance with our Fair Price Promise

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